Job Interview Preparation

This service goes far beyond standard English teaching considering the crucial nature of your job search.
In light of the fact that the work is much more specialized and demands significantly more availability, the hourly price is higher.



This success can be explained by several factors:

I have taught at important companies such as PwC, L’Oreal, Intel, Bayer, KPMG, Clifford Chance, and Renaissance Capital. This has given me a strong understanding of corporate culture.
-I encourage you to research the company and find out about its culture. During our Skype meetings, you repeat the information you found. From there, we a) determine how good of a fit the company is for you and b) optimize your presentation (CV, interview etc…) in accordance with such information.
-I correct your grammar, word usage, and pronunciation by using various methods in each of these areas. (for more information, see sections on grammar and vocabulary)
-I use a video call recorder which allows you to clearly see how you present yourself. This is crucial since the image you actually give is very different from what you think. In that way, you spot your weak points much more easily.
-A partner of mine (Charlene Challer) provides the very important service of non-verbal communication. This can be provided on request and is highly recommended for interview situations.

With my method, the success rate among the students I have prepared is very high:


Landing an interview with the company they want


Landing the job they want after the interview


Had in increase in their salary